Tiff does mindfulness (Pt.2)

The mindfulness course this week was very interesting. We started by talking about our practice from last week. Those who wanted to shared their experiences of how they got on.

I managed to meditate every day but I did struggle with my legs being restless. Paul said it was okay if this happened and that mindfulness wasn’t about sitting still as such, and that if I needed to move my legs I should, just be mindful of it.

We discussed what it meant to accept and let go of things, which is a concept I’ve wondered about myself. It’s not so much letting go but accepting that things have happened – or are happening – and being okay with it.

We learned how to do a body-scan for our practice this week. Mindfulness helps us increase awareness of the body and the five senses, and can be beneficial for identifying and releasing tension.

Paul guided us through the body-scan, prompting us when it was time to move on, starting at the top of the head and slowly moving down to the toes.

I really enjoyed the class and noticed how relaxed I felt by the end of it. I did struggle to feel each individual finger and Paul said it might help to move each finger as I focused on it.

I’ll be giving the body-scan a go at home and will be back next week for the next part of the course.

tiff franksTiff Franks is a local blogger, living with anxiety and depression. We asked Tiff to write about her experiences on the course.
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