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We get asked a lot questions about mindfulness and meditation so decided to answer the most frequently asked questions here. If you have any questions about your mindfulness practice that we might be able to help you with please use the form at the foot of the page and we’ll do our best to answer.

Disclaimer: This is not a subsitute for proper medical advice which should be sought if you have any concerns about your mental or physical health.

There’s a few things to remember when practising mindfulness meditation, these reminders for your meditation will help you with the important points.

Is it OK if I fall asleep while I’m meditating?

There’s nothing wrong with falling asleep while you’re meditating. If you’re tired and the meditation helps you relax it’s quite natural to fall asleep. It shouldn’t happen all the time though, you should be able to meditate without falling asleep.

What should I do if I fall asleep all the time?

If you lie down to meditate try sitting up instead. If you meditate in an armchair try a straight-backed chair instead. Sitting or laying on the floor might also help. The important thing is to keep your back straight without being rigid. Maintaining a straight back (allowing the spine to follow it’s natural curves) will help you stay alert, as will opening your eyes (if they’re closed) and lifting the head slightly. Taking a sip of water will help aswell.

Is it OK to listen to music while I’m meditating?

We can practice mindful listening as a meditation but natural background noise like chatter, birdsong or traffic is preferable to music. Soothing music might help you relax but it can also be a distraction. We should be able to meditate quietly without distractions. Listen to the music after your meditation and appreciate the richness of the experience.

How often should I meditate and for how long?

We should meditate regularly if we want to develop our mindfulness practice and enjoy the benefits. Daily is ideal but not always possible. Four or five days out of seven is good. At the beginning 5 or 10 minutes is fine but we should aim for 15 or 20 minutes a day. On occasions when we don’t have much time we can fall back to 5 minutes, with 15 or 20 at other times.

How long will it take before I feel the benefits?

Like anything new we choose to do, the more practice we put in the quicker we’ll learn, the easier it will get and better we’ll get at it. Mindfulness meditation is cumulative, so the more we do the greater the benefits. On average, most people see a noticeable improvement in their mood after just a couple of weeks, sometimes sooner.

Please bear with us while we’re preparing this page. More questions and answers about mindfulness and meditation coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to use the form below if you have any questions about your practice and we’ll do our best to answer. Thank you.

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